Note: To increase the success rate, you can visit the store online and add about $100 items to the shopping cart, and then checkout. In the process, you may receive a credit card offer, accept it and apply.

If the offer comes up, your success rate will be greatly improved.

Does Applying For Credit Cards Affect Credit Score?

No, credit will not be affected even if issuer rejects the credit card mentioned above application. Because the issuer’s pre-approval process will not push your full credit report.

Currently, issuers check credit score by two types of credit checks: soft credit checks and hard credit checks.

In the pre-approval process, credit card issuers ask a list of consumers that meet certain criteria from the credit agency, such as individuals with specific credit scores. These people may be fit for a certain credit card.

Can I Keep My Credit Cards If (After) I File Bankruptcy?

Yes, you can. Some companies will allow you to keep your cards after bankruptcy. But it also needs your bankruptcy trustee’s consent.

When you file for bankruptcy, you need to declare your financial status to the trustee, including all your credit cards.